Monday, June 13, 2011

Poetry is Everywhere and in Everything…

Poetry is everywhere and in everything…
 It's been argued that music has lost a lot of the heart that made it so amazing in the past. So many popular songs would absolutely fall apart if the hypnotic and seductive beat was extricated and only the lyrics were left behind. In other words; WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE SINGERS and RAPPERS TALKING ABOUT?!?!
All of the music we sway, party, cry, and contemplate, vibe out and make love to is merely poetry accompanied by instruments. But have we come so far that we have forgotten the poets themselves? What of the writers who sit at home and pen words that shake the very soul of all those blessed to experience them? Poets are spoken about like characters of myth and legend. I was once asked what I did for a living and when I responded "I'm a poet" the young lady couldn't believe it. She was so delighted at my courage to commit to that as my title. We are still here. We have not been eradicated like a troublesome malady.  We are not the dinosaurs, the extinct art form. We are here, underground, but here. We congregate at coffee houses, schools, lounges, and now the banquet rooms of prestigious hotels-hiding in plain sight. The world is a blank 2 dimensional coloring book and we, the poets, make it bright, magical, and worthy of being hung on the public's refrigerator, for the world to see.
One of the most consistently poetic musical forms is soul music. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in America yet we lack the access to live and recorded soul music. How can we mature as a city without the soulful allure of Maxwell, Jill Scott, Anthony David, Teedra Moses, Marsha Ambrosius (Floetry), Music SoulChild, and so many more? Isn't it time for you to see these artists and the soulful inspiration they provide? Poetry and soul music provides a peace and understanding needed right here in the valley of the sun. Time for the ancient artists to come out and play. Time for Phoenix to step up as the BIG CITY and artistic hub it's destined to be. Welcome to Power Soul Sessions with HomeBase Poetry. The wait is over.
Your loyal host,